Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Thanks to my dearest friend, Kaori Takeda, I was able to see this wonderful and unique city - Yokosuka 横須賀. It's once a navy port, and now still having US navy based here. Near Yokohama, it's really navy, navy uniform, navy burgers, navy curry everywhere!


And not only so, I have the chance to live in a local neighborhood, in Kaori's home sweet home. Love it!

We have done these within the 2 days!

  • Bowling (coz it rained on the first day haha)
  • DVD x2 within one night (Step Up 2 and Rising of Planet Apes)
  • Navy Burger  ヨコスカネイビーバーガー
  • Far view to the US navy warship 軍港めぐり
  • Close view to the Japanese memorial warship 記念艦三笠(きねんかんみかさ)
  • Musical fountain in the park  三笠公園
  • Some good jumps in front of the warship! Yes, lots of people looking at us, who cares!
  • Waterfront spa and onsen in 2 stations away (京急線 馬堀海岸駅) from the Yokosuka Center http://go-spasso.jp/